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I’m Moving to NYC!

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It’s official. I’ve accepted an offer and now I’m moving to NYC. After 4 years in LA it’s finally time to shake things up and start a new adventure.

I’ve only ever been to NYC twice. Once for interviews and once for a trip with the Australian company Vita Group. The move has got me thinking about that whirlwind, action packed trip. In one week our group of ~50 Aussies had the chance to do everything from jet skiing around The Statue of Liberty to yoga in Central Park. I found the original itinerary from the trip. At the time I joked I would one day move there. Now it’s a reality.

Here’s some photos from that trip which I’ve never shared.

Instead of saying "I don't have time" try saying "it's not a priority," and see how that feels.

Laura Vanderkam

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Enneagram Test Results

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Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI Version 2.5)

“Your highest score was for:
Type 7
Your second highest score was a tie between:
Type 8 Type 2”

Surprise, surprise, I’m The Enthusiast.

What genuinely was interesting is how accurate the description is for this type, in all areas including areas I need to work on, in my personal life and work life.

Perhaps the best summary I’ve found yet “They are scattered yet focused, excitable yet dedicated, passionate yet aloof and entirely obsessed with where they’re going to find joy next.“

In more detail:
Sevens are frequently endowed with quick, agile minds, and can be exceptionally fast learners. This is true both of their ability to absorb information (language, facts, and procedures) and their ability to learn new manual skills—they tend to have excellent mind-body coordination, and manual dexterity (typewriting, piano playing, tennis). All of this can combine to make a Seven into the quintessential “Renaissance person.”

Ironically, Sevens’ wide-ranging curiosity and ability to learn quickly can also create problems for them. Because they are able to pick up many different skills with relative ease, it becomes more difficult for them to decide what to do with themselves. As a result, they also do not always value their abilities as they would if they had to struggle to gain them. When Sevens are more balanced however, their versatility, curiosity, and ability to learn can lead them to extraordinary achievement.

The root of their problem is common to all of the types of the Thinking Center: they are out of touch with the inner guidance and support of their Essential nature. As with Fives and Sixes, this creates a deep anxiety in Sevens. They do not feel that they know what to do or how to make choices that will be beneficial to themselves and others. Sevens cope with this anxiety in two ways. First, they try to keep their minds busy all of the time. As long as Sevens can keep their minds occupied, especially with projects and positive ideas for the future, they can, to some extent, keep anxiety and negative feelings out of conscious awareness. Likewise, since their thinking is stimulated by activity, Sevens are compelled to stay on the go, moving from one experience to the next, searching for more stimulation. This is not to say that Sevens are “spinning their wheels.” They generally enjoy being practical and getting things done.

Second, Sevens cope with the loss of Essential guidance by using the “trial and error” method: they try everything to make sure they know what is best. On a very deep level, Sevens do not feel that they can find what they really want in life. They therefore tend to try everything—and ultimately may even resort to anything as a substitute for what they are really looking for. (“If I can’t have what will really satisfy me, I’ll enjoy myself anyway. I’ll have all kinds of experiences—that way I will not feel bad about not getting what I really want.”)

We can see this in action even in the most trivial areas of their daily lives. Unable to decide whether he wants vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry ice cream, a Seven will want all three flavors—just to be sure that he does not miss out on the “right” choice. Having two weeks for a vacation and a desire to visit Europe brings a similar quandary. Which countries and cities to visit? Which sites to see? The Seven’s way of dealing with this will be to cram as many different countries, cities, and attractions into his vacation as possible. While they are scrambling after exciting experiences, the real object of their heart’s desire (their personal Rosebud, as it were) may be so deeply buried in their unconscious that they are never really aware of precisely what it is.

Furthermore, as Sevens speed up their pursuit of whatever seems to offer freedom and satisfaction, they tend to make worse choices, and they are less able to be satisfied because everything is experienced indirectly, through the dense filter of their fast-paced mental activity. The result is that Sevens end up anxious, frustrated, and enraged, with fewer resources available to them physically, emotionally, or financially. They may end up ruining their health, their relationships, and their finances in their search for happiness.

On the positive side, however, Sevens are extremely optimistic people—exuberant and upbeat. They are endowed with abundant vitality and a desire to fully participate in their lives each day. They are naturally cheerful and good humored, not taking themselves too seriously, or anything else for that matter. As we have seen, the Basic Desire of Sevens is to be satisfied, happy, and fulfilled, and when they are balanced within themselves, their joy and enthusiasm for life naturally affect everyone around them. They remind us of the pure pleasure of existence—the greatest gift of all.

In one study of 457 couples, Enthusasist were most commonly paired with Thinkers / Investigators (Type 5) and Perfectionists / Reformers (Type 1). That’s not to say they’re the best relationships, just the most common.

Fundraising for Diabetes Queensland

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While working at Comscentre I put together a team to run the Bridge to Brisbane and raise money for Diabetes Queensland. Our team, the Comscentre Comets, raised almost $2,000 from friends, family and co-workers. The funds will be used by Diabetes Queensland to help support vital research, health and education programs. If you would like to contribute, you can still do so at on our team fundraising page.

Earlier this year, Diabetes Queensland reached out to interview me for an article. I also wrote a short blog with photos which we published on the Comscentre site.

Greetings from Hicksville Trailer Palace, California

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Hicksville Trailer Palace is essentially a kitsch desert playground where adults run wild.

How to Get to Hicksville

Well, we can tell you Hicksville is in Joshua Tree, California but as for the exact location, that’s a highly guarded secret. After booking through the Hicksville Trailer Palace website we received an email telling us that more details will be provided closer to our stay. A couple of days before check in, as promise we received a bunch of useful information which included a number to call when we were half an hour away. We followed the instructions and arrived at Hicksville approximately 2.5 hours after leaving West Hollywood.

joshua tree hicksville trip

Two nights in the Fifi

We stayed in the Fifi, a trailer designed by the owners of Fifi Mahony’s wig store in New Orleans. Compared to our neighbours, The Lux and The Integratrailer, ours was the most spacious. We had a double bed, wardrobe, plenty of storage space, seating area, table, sink, fridge with a small freezer and heating. What made the Fifi unique was the bar area, make-up vanity with lights, chandeliers, oil lamp hanging dangerously above the bed and light-up wig display.

2015-12-19 14.06.072015-12-19 15.09.43inside the fifi trailer

What about the other trailers?

Our friends stayed in the New World Trailer. It had a kitchen equipped with a stove. This was handy since we stayed during winter and it was a bit too cold to be BBQing comfortably. The New World also slept 6 people making it an economical choice for large groups.

Recent bad weather had got the better of the Tee Pee, which is decked out with a fire pit. The Sweet, a classic Airstream with a 70s theme had an outdoor setup that looked like it would be perfect for Summer. Other trailers included The Pioneer (western themed), The Integratrailer (alien themed), The Lux (The Cramps themed) and The Pony (which is in a stall).

pee wee and tee peethe new world hicksvillethe sweet hicksville

Activities available at Hicksville, in the Winter

If I could do the trip again, I would definitely choose to visit in Summer. This place is built for Summer days by the pool and long nights drinking under the stars. The temperature in the Winter was limiting but we still had fun. Activities available to us included:

  • Hot tub – great in the afternoon before it got too cold
  • Archery and BB Guns
  • Library
  • Wifi
  • Putt Putt Golf course – $10 per person per stay if you want to try it out
  • Table Tennis
  • Photo booth – $5 per set of photos but the screen doesn’t work
  • Outdoor games like the one pictured below
  • BBQ
  • Fire-pit – we packed lots of warm clothes so it was quite enjoyable outside at night by the fire.

2015-12-19 12.30.552015-12-19 20.02.212015-12-19 22.06.042015-12-19 13.29.38 Gooooood_morning__Hicksville.__trailerpark__joshuatree__usa__mericaHot_tub_with_a_view___joshuatree__trailerpark__Hicksville__merica__usa__CA__camping__California

What to pack

Besides your swimsuit, toiletries, clothes, food and drinks, make sure you also pick up a few “camping” necessities. You will need charcoal for the BBQ, wood for the fire, lighter fluid, matches and plastic cups. All of these can be purchased rather cheaply from the local Vons on your way into Hicksville.

Don’t rely on going anywhere for meals. You’re paying to stay at the Trailer Palace so you might as well enjoy the great outdoors and cook your dinner on the BBQ. There’s plenty of fridges available to store perishables and even a microwave if you’ve brought something quick and easy that just needs heating up.

We’re Aussie so we cooked a Sausage sizzle both nights of our stay. For those that don’t know, a Sausage Sizzle is simply snags (what Americans refer to as Polish Sausages), cooked onion and tomato sauce (ketchup) in a slice of bread.

For breakfast we made bacon and egg rolls and for lunch we had nachos. We also brought lots of snacks and treats to cook on the camp fire.

As far as drinks go, we took a massive bottle of gin, fresh limes and soda water. There’s an ice machine which was a pleasant surprise. Just because you’re staying in a trailer doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little bit of luxury.

How to Sell an Apartment in Queensland without using a Real Estate Agent

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After interviewing four real estate agents, I was having trouble deciding which agent was genuine enough to not overprice the apartment or oversell me on marketing expenses, yet skilled enough to get me the highest sale price. It was a fine line.

I was moving overseas in about 6 weeks and had just spent the last year doing as much prep work as I could to my fairly modern apartment. I’d painted the walls, fixed the sliding doors, replaced a toilet, added new blinds, partially renovated the kitchen, removed the InSinkErator, sold or disposed of all clutter and purchased a few items of furniture and decor in an attempt to stage the apartment. All with the help of Bunnings, YouTube and Ikea.
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