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How to export HTML code from Mailchimp, that will work

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After figuring this out for myself today, I thought I would post in case anyone else comes across the same problem.

1. In MailChimp, ensure the email you want to export is saved as a template.

2. Select Edit – Export as HTML.

When exporting a HTML template, the styles do not get inlined automatically which means your email will not render properly in email clients like Gmail. You can fix this by using MailChimp’s tool to inline the CSS.

3. Copy your code from the HTML download into MailChimp’s Inline Tool.

4. Click convert, download the code and you’re done.

Oh, the places I have been

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My first ever overseas trip was in 2007 to Japan. Jetstar were celebrating the addition of a new route from Brisbane to Osaka and tickets were $500 return. I’d put my Bachelor of Marketing on hold and was working as a receptionist, very unsure of what I wanted from life. After seeing the newspaper ad, I spent the entire day rallying up troops and convincing myself that I had it in me to step foot outside Australia.

So began my never ending lust for travel. From that day, my life would never be the same. Eight years on, and one of the friends from that trip shares my live goals like no other – Buttons. Tonight I was reading her Passports and Polaroids blog which details preparations for her move to the USA after winning the Green Card Lottery. As I delved deeper, and each new post had me thinking ‘I wish I did that’, or ‘I did do that’, I came across post, ‘Where I’ve Been‘. Well now I am doing that. I’m writing my own list.

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An easy way for designers to make a habit of eating well

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I’ve been using Hello Fresh on and off for over a year now. I find when I eat well, my whole life seems to run more smoothly and I feel more organised. I live in a share apartment with a friend, and we shop individually. Therefore buying lots of fresh produce often means there is also a lot of waste.

Hello Fresh is a service delivering the correct portions of fresh, locally sourced produce once a week to make creative recipes. You receive recipes cards and everything needed except a couple of pantry items. No meal planning, no shopping and no wastage, all while eating, fresh, healthy meals.

Soon I will begin reviewing weekly means. In the mean time, you can sign up to try for yourself and receive a $35 discount off your first box, by using my code UL24TJ at

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Getting started as a Brisbane Uber Driver

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I’ve been playing catch up since arriving back in Brisbane after seven months in the US. There’s been a lots of life admin to take care of, including finding a job. A job that’s flexible with my uni commitments, pays well and hopefully provides a break from thinking about design and my major project.

Lucky for me, Uber has just started up in Brisbane. Uber is the San Francisco ride-sharing start-up that’s revolutionising the taxi industry all over the world.

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Citizen Science Dive Application

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Project Summary

This project aims to deliver an online dive logbook solution which incorporates citizen science in order to mutually benefit both scuba divers and marine researchers. Through the use of proven methodologies it is hoped a successful start-up will be formed that has the potential to revolutionise the industry.

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