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How to Sell an Apartment in Queensland without using a Real Estate Agent

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After interviewing four real estate agents, I was having trouble deciding which agent was genuine enough to not overprice the apartment or oversell me on marketing expenses, yet skilled enough to get me the highest sale price. It was a fine line.

I was moving overseas in about 6 weeks and had just spent the last year doing as much prep work as I could to my fairly modern apartment. I’d painted the walls, fixed the sliding doors, replaced a toilet, added new blinds, partially renovated the kitchen, removed the InSinkErator, sold or disposed of all clutter and purchased a few items of furniture and decor in an attempt to stage the apartment. All with the help of Bunnings, YouTube and Ikea.
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How to export HTML code from Mailchimp, that will work

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After figuring this out for myself today, I thought I would post in case anyone else comes across the same problem.

1. In MailChimp, ensure the email you want to export is saved as a template.

2. Select Edit – Export as HTML.

When exporting a HTML template, the styles do not get inlined automatically which means your email will not render properly in email clients like Gmail. You can fix this by using MailChimp’s tool to inline the CSS.

3. Copy your code from the HTML download into MailChimp’s Inline Tool.

4. Click convert, download the code and you’re done.