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By July 28, 2014 Travel, Work
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I’ve been playing catch up since arriving back in Brisbane after seven months in the US. There’s been a lots of life admin to take care of, including finding a job. A job that’s flexible with my uni commitments, pays well and hopefully provides a break from thinking about design and my major project.

Lucky for me, Uber has just started up in Brisbane. Uber is the San Francisco ride-sharing start-up that’s revolutionising the taxi industry all over the world.

How does Uber work?

Open the app, tap a button and you have a private driver within minutes. At the end of the ride, the fare is automatically charged to your credit card. No cash exchange necessary. In the US, I used Uber and Lyft to get around because it was not only convenient, but they were always having promotions. I probably only paid for one ride the entire time. Uber doesn’t like its drivers accepting tips either, which was fantastic for me because although I did not mind conforming the American way and leaving my compulsory tip on almost everything, I’d always found it a bit awkward.

Signing up to be an Uber Driver

It took only a few minutes to fill in the online form. After watching a 15 minute video about life as an Uber Driver, I was asked to upload photocopies of my car registration, license and insurance. I took care of this the following day and straight away I was receiving texts and emails from Uber Partners.

Uber Driver Induction

I was asked to come along to a driver information session held at the Toowong Bowls Club. There was about 30 people there which was apparently a small group. We were handed information sheets, the Queensland Transport Drivers Authorisation forms, watched the video from the website again and finished with a Q&A session.

One by one we then sat with a member of the Brisbane Uber team who double checked the photocopies we’d uploaded and gave us a car charger, a hands free attachment and an iPhone loaded with the Uber Drivers’ App. Our cars were also checked and photographed.

Pro tip: Arrive early so you’re one of the first to have your paper work checked as this can take a while.

Some of the people at the meeting were already cab drivers which meant they already had Drivers Authorisation. For the rest of us, we had two tasks to complete; get a medical and hand in a form to Queensland Transport. I did this the following day and am now awaiting the card which should take a maximum of 10 days. Once I have it, Uber will activate my account and I’ll be on the road taking advantage of the introductory driver incentives.

How long did it take?

From the online registration to lodging my Drivers Authorisation forms, the entire process only took 5 days.

Brisbane Uber Drivers on Facebook

If you’re a Brisbane Uber Driver or thinking about becoming one, join the community I’m building on Facebook

$30 off your first Uber ride

If you haven’t already signed up for Uber, you can follow these steps to get $30 off your first Uber ride.



  • Luis says:

    Hi Sorry to bother , do you know which days and what time are the meetings in the Bowls club.

    Thank ypu


    • Hi Luis,

      No bother at all!

      Uber has an office now in Hendra. The address is:
      Uber Partner Centre
      Unit 7, 441 Nudgee Road, Hendra
      (in the Northwest corner).
      Plenty of parking and accessible from several major roads.

      New Partner Sessions are held
      Monday – Wednesday 10am – 6pm
      Thursday 10am – 8pm
      Friday and Saturday 9am – 12 noon.

      PS I just sent you an Invite to drive for Uber to your email address. If you already use this email address as a customer, simply message me on my Contact Page with your mobile number and I’ll send the Invite to there.

      • dimitrios says:

        Hi I’m currently waiting for my driver authority to be approved and then I’m finishing my uber application. 3 things which I’m worried about 1 my police check 2 my car which is a nice 2007 toyota aurion sportivo with a few scraps and bumps but nothing which legally defects my car. 3 my car has nsw plaT’s although my licence and insurance is qld & current I’ve not been financial enough to transfer my rego go panel shop. Do u think that this would be an issue with uber. With the first month insensitive I would make transfering my rego and going to the panel shop a priority.

  • Benjamin T Williams says:

    I have all my paperwork done, who do I email these off too;

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