Update your WordPress Theme in 5 Minutes

By February 24, 2013February 24th, 2015How Tos, Web

Updating your WordPress theme is a very easy task that we all need to do regularly. If you haven’t touched the core files, then updating should take less than 5 minutes. There are two simple ways to do this.

Update using FTP

  • Download the updated version of your theme.
    I use ThemeForest for my themes. All purchases are conveniently located in Downloads.
  • Unzip the files.
  • Upload the theme folder to your server.
    To do this, I prefer using an FTP such as Cyberduck. Copy and paste the new theme folder to where your WordPress theme is located. This will overwrite and update all files.

Update using WordPress

  • Login to your WordPress Admin.
  • Delete the current version from the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Upload the new theme .zip file.

If you’ve changed some core files, you should only upload new files. These files are located in style.css in theme root folder.


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