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Updated Feb 2024

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May 31, 2018

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Disney Parks & Resorts Emails

May 26, 2017

Ippy Product Launch

November 15, 2015

Reel Feel Website

December 30, 2014

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March 4, 2014


December 1, 2013

Party Press Website

June 29, 2013

Courtney is a true self-starter when it comes to divergent thinking for digital idea generation, as well as innovative and novel concepts that are go beyond the traditional digital experience. The level of hands-on design management, end-to-end design delivery, cross-discipline team communication and tireless follow-through that she demonstrated as a Product Designer was truly exceptional. Courtney is a true asset to any design or creative team in search of a dynamic designer that can generate massive out-of-the-box concepts and deliver successful digital products that exceed business results. As an individual, she is intellectually sharp with an witty and well-rounded 'international' mind—a real pleasure to work with!

Jim SalingerDesign Manager, Disney

Courtney is an engaged, driven and motivated product designer. She has a generative mind and will fully explore the boundaries of a problem. She doesn’t avoid chaos and complexity, instead she rolls up her sleeves and dives in. At Disney, I’ve worked with her on some marathon commerce projects. She has unflagging energy that she brings to all stages of the work - from ideation through to delivery. When others are feeling drained, I can count on her to keep pushing forward. Just as important, she knows how to lighten the mood and relieve tension in the room. She understands when a little mischief is in order. She's totally fun.

Deborah AllisonStaff Product Designer, Disney

Courtney is a well rounded product designer who has the hard and soft skills that would be of great value to any organization. She wears many hats and excels in all of them - from UI to UX to product strategy she has a good grasps of it all. She is a passionate designer who always has the user experience in mind and dives deep into any complex issue large or small to find the solution that is fitting both from a user standpoint and the business. She is a great thought partner and works well with both our technical and product partners, they love that she is knowledgeable and has a clear perspective on her design decisions. I love working with Courtney, not only for all of the above but for her constant bravery and curiosity - traits I find most important when thinking about design and innovation.

Annie VoProduct Design Manager

Courtney is a true product designer, equally skilled in UI technique as well as UX thinking. I had the pleasure of working with Courtney for over two years at the Walt Disney Company. I was particularly impressed with Courtney's actionable attitude toward problem solving. She never waited for someone to assign her a task -- instead, she identified the problem and had solutions ready before they were even asked for. Courtney would be an asset to any team.

Bobby FeingoldProduct Design Lead, Disney

Courtney is a creative, dedicated and goal-oriented professional with a talent for design across both print and digital mediums. She is a highly organised individual and has displayed the ability to manage a large number of projects for a variety of stakeholders with ease, despite often tight and conflicting deadlines. Courtney's understanding of brand importance and knowledge of brand guidelines are an asset within the marketing department, and her ability to provide thoughtful feedback and suggestions is always appreciated.

Verity CampbellMarketing Manager, Vita Group

One word comes to mind when i think of Courtney, Vibe. She has a constant buzz around her that you can't help but feed off and feel invigorated by. She is also very hardworking, creative and a pleasure to be around. Nothing is ever too hard for her and it is always actioned with a smile.

Stephanie SinclairVita Group